Old Green Barns and Horsham Registry Office Wedding


This wedding had a familiar ring to it…. I worked with Paul Fletcher (The best Wedding Photographer in Sussex) who only a couple of months ago photographed my own wedding. Why the similarity I hear you say…. Well my name is Andrew and my wife’s name is Dani and of course I am a wedding videographer & photographer. This wedding was between Andrew and Dani and Andrew is a wedding photographer……… Small world hey.

I joined a couple at the registry office and captured the beautiful bride arriving in a lovely old historic car, with her beautiful bridesmaids.  It was clear from the start that this was going to be a fun and happy wedding, neither the bride or groom looked even remotely stressed. After the ceremony we headed into the grounds of the registry office in Horsham and took some lovely images with friends and family.

After that it was off to Old Green Barnes and what a beautiful location it was. I even had time to capture some nice aerial images with my drone ….much to the entertainment of the wedding party.  The rest of the wedding was shot with my music video style to get that beautiful slow motion cinematic look. Using the fly cam and monopod to capture the footage was made easier as everybody was having such a wonderful time. Working with Paul Fletcher has become second nature and we managed to capture everything we needed while staying out of each others way and having a good laugh while doing it.

The bride looked simply stunning from the start of the day until the end and apart from some slightly irregular dance moves the groom looked dashing and dignified throughout….even after his shaving accident that morning. A truly wonderful couple and a great day, thanks guys for letting capture it.

Have a look at the highlight video and please leave any comments Andrew and Dani will get the feature film very shortly.

Dani & Andy Highlight Video from Andrew Moore on Vimeo.

I must also give a shout out to wedding DJ Brian Mole who’s excellent entertainment really added to the day…….and he is a thoroughly nice guy too…..and a little bit mad…..definitely recommended.


Front image by Paul Fletcher


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