Tim and Clare at the wonderful Old Thorns Golf Club Hampshire

The amazing wedding of Tim and Clare at the Old Thorns Golf club near Liphook in Hampshire. What a great day with a exciting buggy ride. After the ceremony we were taken on a buggy ride to get some creative shots around the golf course. To say it was hair raising is about right….. The young girl driving us waited until we were almost done to tell us that she was driving when one of the karts went into pond…… ekkkk. However it was worth it to get some amazing shots of a couple who were clearly very much in love and having the very best day together. Thanks for letting me be part of your day guys……
Tim and Claire 20131117-7874-201311160844.jpg

Tim and Claire 20131117-7099-201311160069.jpg
Tim and Claire 20131117-7108-201311160078.jpg
Tim and Claire 20131117-7187-201311160157.jpg
Tim and Claire 20131117-7221-201311160191.jpg
Tim and Claire 20131117-7226-201311160196.jpg
Tim and Claire 20131117-7309-201311160279.jpg
Tim and Claire 20131117-7277-201311160247-Edit-Edit.jpg
Tim and Claire 20131117-7275-201311160245.jpg
Tim and Claire 20131117-7235-201311160205.jpg
Tim and Claire 20131117-7574-201311160544.jpg
Tim and Claire 20131117-7514-201311160484.jpg
Tim and Claire 20131117-7419-201311160389.jpg

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