Pompy Fans Day

As part of my event photography and good will to charities I recently helped out at the Portsmouth fans day (Click here to see article).   They had a replica of the FA cup they won a few years ago and asked me to go down and photograph people with it.

me taking a picture at pompy fans day and providing instant printing www.perceptionimages.co.uk


As I offer on-site printing  I was happy to help out and it was good fun I have to say despite not being a pompy fan.  I offer a very similar service during my weddings, you can have the high quality professional printer at your wedding to allow guests to have a instant reminder of the day and in fact leave a message with a small picture in a special book that I provide.  Its a great idea and produces some very funny pictures and messages….  Just ask about the extra excellent add-on when you call or meet me to find out about availability…… Bye for now…[icon color=”icon-white” style=”icon-thumbs-up”][/icon]


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