The Wedding of John & Sarah

Well if you want a lovely location for a wedding then by the sea is up there.  Especially if you are into your surfing and extreme sports like the Bride and groom here, John & Sarah.  As I was driving down to the wedding things did not look good on the weather front.  On the A303 my wipers could not go any faster and yet it was still hard to see through the rain falling on the windscreen.   Although the sea front can be a wonderful location when the weather is bad it can be misrable as well.  I had packed the emergency white umbrellas but really hoped that I did not require them.

As we arrived the weather gods did not let up, the bride had to wait just to get from the hotel to the waiting camper-van ……. rivers of water was poring on the ground.  Then ….. it stopped.   Graeme (The other praying photographer with us) got some shots while I was photographing the ever nervous groom thinking she was not going to turn up….. never nice but always funny ….. well for everyone except the groom.

When Sarah did arrive I’m sure John forgot completely about the wait as she looked simply stunning!!!!


After dodging the vicar we got some lovely shots in and around the church before heading of for tea and scones.  With wedding guests feeding themselves we headed down to the beech where we tried to get as many shots with the amazing backdrop as possible.  The wind however made it very cold for Sarah and we did our thing and got off the beech.  After a few ice cream shots…… Sarah was very happy to smear John with ice cream for the photos…. it was off to dinner, speeches and dancing.

What a wonderful day guys you are an amazing couple and thank you for letting me photograph your day with Graeme.  Just one thing ….John what was that dance you did as the giraffe society want it for their new ad campaign.

All the best……Andy

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